Wooden Bicycle Frames: Ride-able Art

Sojourner Cyclery

             Man-made Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRPs, example: carbon fiber) is the latest craze in bicycle frame material. Wood is the original, God-made FRP. My bicycle frames are hollow and incredibly lightweight. Additional benefits of a wooden frame are that they are “green”, tough, smooth to ride, and beautiful. My walnut bicycles have won top honors in the Artistry in Wood show for the last two years Show.http://daytoncarvers.com/competition12.html http://daytoncarvers.com/competition11.html

               Wooden bicycles combine many of my passions: woodworking, cycling and engineering. I am a lifetime cyclist. My first job was working in a bicycle shop when I was fourteen-years old. I started building fillet-brazed and lugged, steel frames in the late 1970’s. With a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering and specialty in lower extremity prosthetics, I developed expertise in the use of composites and materials testing. My day job is teaching topics in mechanical and biomedical engineering at Cedarville University http://www.cedarville.edu/. I have access to state-of-the-art testing equipment which I employ to test my frames and frame components. My students are engaged in analyzing, building and testing wooden bicycle frames as their cap-stone senior design experience. I have three years of personal field-testing on my frames including a cross-country, self-supported tour on a wooden tandem with my son. My goal is to share the joy of building and riding wooden framed bicycles. I will be sharing resources, blogs and instruction on this website. Thanks for visiting my site. 

               Jay Kinsinger MSBME                           kinsinger@cedarville.edu

Filling in the Gap

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May 14, 2014    Aliceville, AL to Columbus, MS After a nearly 11 hour car ride, Andrea dropped us off at the Cochrane Recreational Campground in Alabama south of Aliceville. We set up our tent by the light of the car headlights, said our goodbyes and settled in for the night. A fierce thunderstorm whipped up […]

Day 3

May 16, 2014  Aberdeen, MS to Fulton, MS I had two pretty major health setbacks since the trip that I made last year with Benjamin. In early September I broke my clavicle and had to have surgery with a plate and screws. Then the day after Christmas, I had a heart attack. Because of this […]

Day 4

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May 17, 2014 Fulton, MS to Tishomingo, MS    42 miles It was raining this morning when we woke up. We took our time leaving. The rain slowed down significantly by 10:00 so we headed up to town and ate a big breakfast at the Huddle House. Conditions today were quite pleasant, overcast, a bit of […]

Day 5

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May 18, 2014 Tishomingo, MS to Crump MS  62 miles We had severe thunderstorms last night, and it was absolutely pouring rain at daybreak this morning. Terry and Garrison seemed undaunted by the rain and courageously packed up, ready to roll by 7:30. Ben and I emerged from our tent briefly to have a quick […]