Wooden Bicycle Frames: Ride-able Art

Sojourner Cyclery              Man-made Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRPs, example: carbon fiber) is the latest craze in bicycle frame material. Wood is the original, God-made FRP. My bicycle frames are hollow and incredibly lightweight. Additional benefits of a wooden frame are that they are “green”, tough, smooth to ride, and beautiful. My walnut bicycles have won top honors in the Artistry in Wood show.http://daytoncarvers.com/competition12.html http://daytoncarvers.com/competition11.html                Wooden bicycles combine many of my passions: woodworking, cycling and engineering. I am a lifetime cyclist. My first job was working in a bicycle shop when I was fourteen-years old. I started building fillet-brazed and lugged, steel frames in the late 1970’s. With a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering and specialty in lower extremity prosthetics, I developed expertise in the use of composites and materials testing. My day job is teaching topics in mechanical and biomedical engineering at Cedarville University http://www.cedarville.edu/. I have access to state-of-the-art testing equipment which I employ to test my frames and frame components. My students are engaged in analyzing, building and testing wooden bicycle frames as their cap-stone senior design experience. I have four years of personal field-testing on my frames including a cross-country, self-supported tour on a wooden tandem with my son. My goal is to share the joy of building and riding wooden framed bicycles. I will be sharing resources, blogs and instruction on this website.

Interested in purchasing a custom, hand-made wooden bicycle?

Custom single frame $3,900 plus components of your choice. Custom tandem frame $7,900 plus components of your choice.

Thanks for visiting my site.               

Jay Kinsinger MSBME  

Email:  kinsinger@cedarville.edu      

Phone number: 937-823-1834

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sojournercyclery


2 thoughts on “Wooden Bicycle Frames: Ride-able Art

  1. Scott Huck says:

    Very nice site, looks great!

  2. walt1948 says:

    Nice looking bicycle, Jay… My wife Sharon and I enjoyed meeting you and your son at Rose’s Kountry Kitchen in Cave In Rock, Illinois this evening. we wish you a pleasant journey home.

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