GOBA 24 – Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure

Participated in the last leg of GOBA 2012 from Wilmington to Hillsboro on the tandem with one of my daughters. Enjoyed lots of Excitement and interest in my wooden frames.


2 thoughts on “GOBA 24 – Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure

  1. John Brandt says:

    Jay , I ran into Andrea and she told me about the bikes. I rode in the Horsey 100 a few years ago . It was a very fun event. I was wondering if the rims are wood as well as the frame?
    Makes me want to go out and buy a bike and get into riding. I would love to learn more about the product and see the process some time.
    You are very talented.

    • John, Great to hear from you! The rims are not wood…it is water film printing process on aluminum…something I learned about when I worked at OWW (or just WW now I guess). “The Horsey” is one of my favorite rides. You and Kim and/or a couple of your kids should come to Cedarville some Saturday morning and take a wooden-bike-ride-to- Youngs with us sometime. I have about seven wooden bikes…not enough for your whole crew. We also have a fleet of metal multi-bikes including a triplet. Thanks for your kind words. Andrea really enjoyed catching up with you last weekend.

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