2 thoughts on “GOBA 24 – Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure

  1. John Brandt says:

    Jay , I ran into Andrea and she told me about the bikes. I rode in the Horsey 100 a few years ago . It was a very fun event. I was wondering if the rims are wood as well as the frame?
    Makes me want to go out and buy a bike and get into riding. I would love to learn more about the product and see the process some time.
    You are very talented.

    • John, Great to hear from you! The rims are not wood…it is water film printing process on aluminum…something I learned about when I worked at OWW (or just WW now I guess). “The Horsey” is one of my favorite rides. You and Kim and/or a couple of your kids should come to Cedarville some Saturday morning and take a wooden-bike-ride-to- Youngs with us sometime. I have about seven wooden bikes…not enough for your whole crew. We also have a fleet of metal multi-bikes including a triplet. Thanks for your kind words. Andrea really enjoyed catching up with you last weekend.

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