Cross-country on a wooden tandem

5/20/13 by Jay
I felt the tightness in my chest increase as I drove the length of Alabama realizing how long and hilly the state is, and reflecting on the knowledge that we have to pedal all this distance that I drove that took so long even by car. We’re selling our faithful old mini-van, Tina-the- Continue reading

Why Wood

Why build a bicycle frame out of wood? That is probably the number one question I get from people who see my wooden framed bicycles. The answer is multifaceted, ranging from simple to quite complex. The very first bicycles were made of wood. If you have the opportunity to visit the Bicycle Museum of America […]

2013, Midwest Tandem Ralley and the 45th annual Hilly Hundred

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The ever perfect Courtney Johnson, heir apparent to precision tandems, wrote a marvelous account of the MTR. I was honored to be photographed in her blog as “these guys have a bike made of wood”. Here is the link to Courtney’s blog: . Courtney and Natalie reminded us so much of our daughters, Ella and Sarah as […]